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Buu-klubben products

Buu plasters

I designed Buu plasters based on the characters I draw for the Buu-klubben app. All small children needs plasters and better yet if they are decorated with their favorite characters ;)

Buu-klubben Christmas calender | julkalendern 2017

Christmas Calendar 2017 for Buu-klubben. The Buu Calender will take you to the world of books and stories. Behind every lid there was an image that contained a story written by a real author. Stories were shown in Buu-klubben’s Julkalender in TV Channel Yle Teema & Fem in December 2017. The whole program contained 24 episodes, one for each day. The year 2017 was Buu’s theme year of literature. Buu was asking parents to read out loud for their children. The authors in the project were Henrika Andersson, Karin Erlandsson, Malin Kivelä, Malin Klingenberg, Annika Sandelin and Monica Vikström-Jokela. The calendar is published by Yle with The Red Cross. Edition 15 000 pieces.

Bärtils bokklubb


Year 2017 was a theme year for Buu-klubben to support families to read aloud for they children. Reading helps children to develop their imagination and also helps them to learn reading themselves faster. Bärtil and Isa Gris had their own TV program where they were discussing about their favorite stories and books, even though they can’t read very well. I made the opening title and a small jingle for the TV show, as well as a little poster for libraries where different book recommendations of Bärtil were written and they would change every week.

Hajbo Nytt

News program for youth – Graphic & motion design, guidelines

Hajbo Nytt 

Yle Svenska

Weekly news program for youth – hosted by youth – in the platforms of youth. Spoken language is Swedish, because the target group is Finnish native Swedish speaking youth. Videos are published in Yle Areena (VoD) and Youtube. Communication also in Instagram and Snapchat. The topic of the news is always related to the hot news topics in general or a theme that is interesting for the youth. The concept of the program is to allure the young audience in an easy way to start to follow news. There are many reporters, video makers doing the program and the pace of the graphic and motion design is very fast, less than a day, sometimes only four hours. The reporters make the final images from a template, and they have to be able to do them with mobile. Therefore the style is very simple and rough. Fine tuning is not possible. Hajbo character already existed, and the outlook had to be build around the brand. Here the eyes and the colors are from the character.

I delivered

  • Animated logo openers and jingles, 4 + 4 pieces

  • Graphic guidelines and quick manual for the reporters to get started

  • Layout of motion Viz templates – Lower thirds etc

  • Social media templates and guide how to use them – Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat

  • Motion graphics for the episodes in spring 2017