Max richter’s out of the dark room

Éditions Milan Music

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Max Richter’s out of the dark room

Album release advertisement for Éditions Milan Music for a French music magazine in 2017.

Max richter’s out of the dark room

Éditions Milan Music, Paris

Graphic design and illustrations for a big soundtrack album by British-German contemporary film composer Max Richter, who has composed music to several international films and to a serial by HBO. The client wanted something totally different that usually is seen in soundtracks and classical music. To play safe I made a classical abstract version in addition to this very illustrated version, which the client chose. The illustrations contains visual elements only from the films. The stories are very deep but full of tragedy. Two films also include animation which encouraged to use strongly illustration.

The album contains music from six feature films:

  1. Waltz with Bashir

  2. Sarah’s Key

  3. Wadjda

  4. Disconnect

  5. The Congress

  6. Testament of Youth