Lola Upside Down | Lola uppochner

TV Serial – Graphic design, Motion design, animation

Title Sequence

LOLA UPSIDE DOWN (MHz Choice, Dec. 4) Written and directed by Ulrika Bengts, based on a novel by Monika Fagerholm, this Finnish miniseries about young women in a small town has drawn comparisons to Twin Peaks.
In the current wave of Nordic Noir TV series, Finland’s Lola Upside Down boldly goes against the tide. It is based on Monika Fagerholm’s similarly-named novel, part of the weird oeuvre that the Finnish author has dedicated to youth.

Mimosa Willamo as Ca Bäck.

Lola ylösalaisin on arvoituksellinen kertomus nuorista suomenruotsalaisessa pikkukaupungissa, Lattaniemessä. Patriarkaalinen paikkakunta noudattaa tiukkaa hierarkiaa, mikä leimaa kaikkia asukkaita. Raha ja valta ovat keskittyneet tiettyihin perheisiin ja myös nuoret joutuvat alistumaan näiden sääntöihin.
— Daniel Nylund,

Lola Upside Down was mentioned in The New York Times among Shows to Watch This Fall 2018.



Lola Upside Down Soundtrack was produced and published by Éditions Milan Music based in Paris, France. Soundtrack music composed by Peter Hägerstrand, cover art by Heidi Gabrielsson.


Lola Upside Down | Lola uppochner | Lola ylösalaisin

Långfilm Productions

A serial in 6 episodes based on a novel by Monica Fagerholm. Direction Ulrika Bengts, produced by Mats Långbacka, Långfilm Productions.
Photography by Robert Nordström, Edit by Tuomo Leino, Music by Peter Hägerstrand.

I delivered:

  • Title sequence, title design, end credits, digital compositing, animations, motion design, partly video footage for the title sequence and all the video footage in the end credits

  • Music album cover art for the soundtrack composed by Peter Hägerstrand and produced by Milan Music, France

  • Concept art / visual pitching / layout to sell the production for Scandinavian TV channels in Nordvision

Lola Upside Down highlights:

  • World premiere, Festival Series Mania, Paris 2016

  • Milan Music produces the soundtrack, Paris 2017

  • Gets a broadcast distribution in USA, 2017

  • Recommended by the New York Times as one of the “Shows to Watch This Fall”, 2018