Feature film, graphic & motion design, illustrations

title sequence illustration and animation

Illustrations for the title sequence

Ester’s Paintings for the setup (Stills from the film)

Ester’s Paintings by Heidi – details

End credit illustrations

Mood board / concept book in pre production & for pitching

Iris – Feature film, 2011

Långfilm productions

Feature film for children. Direction Ulrika Bengts, production Mats Långbacka, Långfilm Productions.

I delivered:

  • Title sequence, title design, end credits, animations

  • Paintings for the setup – paintings of “Ester” a character in the film played by Maria Salomaa and sketches of “Captain Morgan”

  • Mood board / concept book for preproduction to get an international funding

  • Visuals for pitching and presentations

Iris highlights:

  • Special Mention, Nordische Filmtage, Lübeck, Germany 2011

  • Kaleva prize for the best children's film, Oulu International Children's Film Festival, Finland 2011

  • Critic's Award, Cheboksary International Film Festival, Russia 2012

  • Best Photography, Cheboksary International Film Festival, Russia 2012

  • Finland's representative in Prix Italia, 2013

  • Cinema distribution in USA, premiere in Los Angeles in January 2012